By joining the WBRUA you will be assisting the Association in promoting the interests of users and potential users of the Wrexham-Bidston (Borderlands) line. A growing membership base will enable the WBRUA to be better placed to promote its objectives effectively.


The WBRUA’s Current membership rates (up to March 2021) are:

  • Ordinary Membership £7

  • Family Membership £9

  • Youth Membership (Under 18) £5

  • Small Corporate (up to 9 full time employees) £25

  • Large Corporate (10 or more full time employees) £50


As a member you will receive our periodic newsletter, access to archived WBRUA publications, details of our general meetings and be part of a dynamic Association which is pushing for much needed improvements on a railway line that has the potential to become an effective part of the region’s rail network; better connecting workers with employment and used by people both locally and to make connections right across the UK.

Members will also be able to access our Members' section of the website, which contains a discussion forum, association documents such as archived newsletters and our constitution, and large photo archive. Members will need to sign up on the "Members' section" page and then be verified by one of our admins. If you wish to sign up please ensure you use the same email that you used when becoming a member.


You can pay for your subscription online by PayPal or credit/debit card. Please select one of the subscription options from the drop down list and click "pay now". If you would like to make a separate donation please use the "donate" button. If, for any reason, you are unable to pay your subscription on line, please request a membership application form by emailing


  • Please use the Paypal button below to select and pay for your membership. Use the drop down box to select the membership level. 

  • When you have selected the level click the "Pay Now" or "Next" button at the bottom, you will be directed to another page to confirm your subscription on which there should be a button which says "Donate".

  • Please tick the box which says "Share your mailing address with Wrexham-Bidston Rail Users' Association so they can acknowledge your donation" as we will need this information to send you the newsletter and keep our membership records up to date.  


By clicking "Subscribe" you are agreeing that the Wrexham-Bidston Rail Users' Association (WBRUA) may use your personal information in order to contact you for the purposes of providing updates, delivery of the newsletter either by post or  E-mail and any other association matters. The WBRUA will not pass your personal information on to any other party unless it relates directly to association matters and we will not sell your personal information under any circumstances.

Passengers alight a class 150 at Bidston

MED Class 150 Bidston Station.JPG

Class 150 at Hawarden

MED 007 The stationfoliage sets off Arri

Small selection of some of the images available on the members' section


A class 150 passes Well Lane, Ness

MED 002 Bidston-Wrexham 150 passes Well
WBRUA logo.jpg