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The Association seeks to identify, justify and promote:

  • Opportunities to improve current service performance, passenger satisfaction and passenger numbers.


  • ​Opportunities for an improved service frequency and an extension to current operating hours between Wrexham and Bidston together with improved interchange with other services at Bidston, Shotton and Wrexham during the course of the new franchise.


  • The case for the introduction of a new station, Deeside Parkway, on the route adjacent to the Deeside Industrial Park and the A548. This new station would enable employees to get to the Deeside Industrial Park by train and at the same time provide easy access from the network of dual carriageways to park and ride facilities for rail services to Birkenhead, Liverpool, Wrexham and beyond.


  • The introduction of a through service between Wrexham and Liverpool, if and when suitable rolling stock (such as IPEMUs) becomes available.


  • A case for full electrification of the route.

A Brief History of the line

Class 230 007 approaches the footbridge at Noctorum

MED 005 230007 approaches the footbridge

A pair of class 56s in the cutting

between Heswall & Neston

MED 002 The pair in the cutting between
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